Monday, August 18, 2008

Photos from Kenya

Some photos for your viewing pleasure. The first is a view of a village on the way to Kijabe Hospital.

Juliette and I waiting for the wedding to begin.

And finally, my little house at Kijabe! Thats my window at the bottom nearest to the tree :)


Lim said...

glad to see you're having fun :)


Heidi said...

cute house!!

stoked you are there and all g..

missing youie here at ailsa!!

love from slash

Alexander said...

Hi Chloe, It's really good to see that thing are well with you. Seeing all your pictures makes me want to come and work in Kenya at some point! Deepa's got lots of family there so it's a good possibility. Looks like you've got a fantastic place to live. I hope the area where you are didn't get affected too much by the recent violence, and that there's not too much bitterness amongst everyone. Really glad to hear that you're picking up lots of Swahili. All I know is Jambo and Lala selama (good night) - kind of cute.
Been up in Shetland to see my granny who's doing really well after 7 months in hospital, and now in Bristol seeing friends. Listening to Salif Keita at the moment, really beautiful music from Mali. We start our course in Liverpool in three weeks, really looking forward to it... Keep well, and I hope you spread peace and hope to the people of kijabe. Love, Alex